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today, the first bell is is the to ring soon in the area's largest system. >> what two factors are shaping this school year? out west, wildfires take a deadly toll. two firefighters lose their lives on the job. thousands come to heart to pay their respects to the late
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senator kennedy. his final resting place axe simple plot beside his two older brothers. good morning to it is 6:00 straight occupy this monday, the last day of august. the first day of class for a lot of youngsters in montgomery county. we want to thank you for getting up early with us for fox 5 morning news. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being along with us this morning. we'll start with a look at the weather out west where it is an all-out assault on a raging wildfire. it is just a matter of time before the flames reach mount wilson where transmitters are for the major television and radio stations. crews are dealing with the loss of two of their own as two firefighters died when their vehicle fell off a winding road trying to get to the fire. some people would you go noard evacuation orders also were hurt -- who ignored evacuation orders also were hurt. >> they will not tell to you
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evacuate if it is not necessary. people did not listen and there were three people that were burned and badly injured cause they did not listen. listen carefully and immediately move as soon as they tell you to move. fire officials say they could pull back crews if condions become too dangerous. flames have charred at least 18 structures and are threatening 1,000 homes this morning. >> and the weather is still not cooperating out there. >> i was going to ask, is it just extremely dry. >> it has been dry for months. this is that time of year. and highs later today back in the 90s and the wind is their big enemy and the wind will be back out. >> in the meantime for us, fall is in the air, isn't it? >> changes around here. we have much cool are air. our humidity has fallen off a cliff and i'm sure nobody is complaining about that, certainly not me. the forecaslooks nice. we'll have a lot of sunshine ar not ec not right now. as you head out the door, you see cloud cover and you are saying i thoughwe were going
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to have a nice eeare you ill b we are dealing with mcloud ov and a couple of showers. the radarrdveooie th a showers here in totownwn. off to the south and east, a better chance to see showers. if you . are at owe someone cit or salisbury, miya ought see some showers -- at ocean city or salisbury, you might see some showers. ouca foil w lyonget brighter as we get into the afoo ater. es e'rte eratures. we're only expecting highs today in the mid-70s. remember yesterday, we were in the mid-80s and we had a left upper 80s and 90s 9 last couple of week. 65 right now in new york and boston, it is 53. there you go. early clouds, afternoon sunshine returns. a few showers during the first part of the day south of the city and it will be cool. 74 with wind oust north at five to 10 miles per hour. more details on a great looking workweek, the tropics, the bus
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stop, we have a lot for you. >> thank you. lets let's a check in with juliwright. >> good morning. we'll start off and show you what is happening in virginia. northbound i-95 owe occoquan, that is where we have a stalled car center of the road. this is the live shot of 395 headed north of glebe road, heavy and steady now. no accidents to report but we've got the volume delays starting to reap up on us in the main line and the hovs. talk about the kid going back to school. this week it is in montgomery county. expect a change in your traffic patterns as you make that drive into work. traveling southbound along 270 leaving montgomery village avenue headed through gaithersburg and out towards rockville, the left side of your screen, the headline coming towards you. you are at speed headed down to montreal ross road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. bells will ring for the first time this school year in
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montgomery county this morning. >> officials expect record enrollment, around 140,000 students. as they welcome new faces, they were keeping an eye out for swine flu. the montgomery county school board said the downturn in the economy led to a surge of new stunts. >> we expect somewhere between 1,002,000 kids would are entering our doors who were in private school last year. >> school officials are trying to stay ahead of a predicted swine flu outbreak this fall. they will keep an eye out for symptoms and try to trace absentee trends. about 1300 students should get their permanent schedules today in bridge county. they spent the first week of school in temporary classes or the awedder to with respect because of a scheduling problem. staff ended up working through the weekend to try to fix that problem. they say it should be fixed by today. officials say human error and a new scheduling system caused that glitch. authorities continue to
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comb for clues at the home of of a man who police believe held jaycee dugard captive for 18 years. police are searching for evidence linking philip garrido to several prostitute murders in the 1990's. coming up in the next hour, a psychiatrist will join us in the studio to talk about why th she may never have tried to escape and her road to recovery. the man accused of the deadly shooting signed the u.s. holocaust memorial museum back in june will be rae rained this week. a grand jury indicted james von brunn on seven counts including first degree murder and a killing inside a federal building. the shooting killed muum guard steven johns. four of the charges make him eligible for the death penalty. police are searching for suspects in a deadly shooting in montgomery count you over the weekend. 63-year-old clarence rankin was gunned down in his own yard on university boulevard in silver
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spring early yesterday morning. witnesses say the group of people playing dominos and there may have been some sort of arguement over money. police found a hand gun on the scene but aren't sure who it belongs to. friend say the victim had a reputation for helping people would needed t. senator ted kennedy laid to rest at arlington national cemetery on saturday. large clouds came to his grave site over the weekend. the senator buried near his two brothers. the site was closed off yesterday at noon so that senator kennedy's widow vicki could have some private time there. there was an outpouring of emotion from supporters and family over the weekend. >> i'm telling you, we were talking earlier in the green room about how it is tough not to have a father and there is a real loss not having that and he came through and he really reached out and embraced my family and john and caroline. >> i think driving from hyannis
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port to boston, it was so moving to see people standing along the freeway gathered on bridges, entire families, many in tears, boys with their hands over their heart saluting. it was a great piece of american history. >> we'll have more coverage of the senator's life and also tributes. for videos, photos and memories, can you go to our web site, and coming up next, he survived a plane crash that claimed four other lives. >> nearly one year later, he has been found dead in his apartment in new york. more on the circumstance surrounding the death of dj am. also ahead, three missing fisherman are founalive after search crews had given up. how they survived with the help of bubble gum. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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welcome back. take a look at this. the buses lined up, ready to roll in montgomery count written this is the bus lot in montgomery county ready to pull out. making headlines, it appears that libyan leader moammar ghadafi will not stay at a mansion in new jersey next mont sidents were furious. the protest intensified when scottish authorities released the ban am lockerbie bomber from prison and returned him for a hero's welcome home in libya. third-eight local families that that area lost loved ones in that tragedy. the crew of the space shuttle tallahassee is -- the crew of the space shuttle will
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perform three walks. it could be weeks before we find out what claimed the life of dj am, the celebrity dj who has been candid about his past addicts to illegal drugs. toxicology tests have been ordered after a first autopsy was inconclusive. a law enforcement source told the associated press that i crack pipe and prescription drugs were found in the apartment. it is now 13 minutes after 6:00. we like to confident on tony and tucker for the forecast. >> but years and year before the most dynamic weather owe duo was around being people relied on the farmer's almanac to find out sswat weather would be like. wait until you hear what this says for us this winter. ( music, toasters popping )
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welcome back. the 010 farm are's almanac will be in stores tomorrow. it has been published since 118 and a lot of people still look to it for the forecast. that book boasts an accuratey rate between 08 and 5%. get red ready. it says this coming winter will be colder than usual for must of the country and calling for a cool and snowy winter for the
6:17 am
northeast. this forecast is prepared two years ahead and it is pulled from a secret formula that factors in sun spots, planet positions and the effects of the moon. the national weather service's long range outlook says this winter will be warmer than usual. tucker and tony can put their big geeky weather heads together. >> it sounds like a showdown between weather service and farm ir's almanac. >> what is that secret formula? >> they won't share it with me. it is protected and they won't share it with people in the science community. >> we'll let you and tony figure out what our weather is going to do. >> i'm not too good with the long term forecasts when they're more than 90 days away. earlier this summer, we had a cool start to the summer and we looked into the history books and any time we've hay summer that cool, we've hay cold, snowy winter so perhaps we will. >> it could happen. af off o a cool st tooto ff a . it y.da it is gog week. fut week. not so much this morning, not so much as you are headed out
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totbuts p toosheer over the next hroou otouwobut later this week, it will be bright sunshine owlhumidity, ow temperatur much of inte h in the 70s. high temperatures in the 70s, not overfight lows in the 70s. here is a look at our morning hd radar. couple of showers to talk about. not much happening here in town. here in washington, we are doing just fine. owe someone city, you might be seeing some light shower activity. st.mary's city, perhaps in slight showers. we have another little band. it is not that impressive. there could be some light sprinkles west of town. all of this is fading off to the south and east as it drags -- an area of low pressure drags all of this energy with it. later today, we'll see some sunshine break out. it will be a nice afternoon. let's move on and get started with a look at that all- cportant sor ft.opas bweus stop forbast. we'll go with temperatures in the upper 60s to about 70.
6:19 am
high temperatures will only reach into the middle 70s. we have an in the 80s to 90s the last couple of weeks, the middle 70s will feel cool. i mention the the area of low pressure. you can see the cloud cover across the area and the shower activity. it will get dragged out to sea. we have clear skies off to the north and west out towards detroit and chicago. that will startpush in here. i think any time this afternoon, we'll see the clouds start to break hould have brigh for much of our afternoon and once the sun gets here, it will stick around if several days. this is going it be a really nice looking forecast this week. 65 now in washington. 6 # in baltimore. very cool start, 67 in fredericksburg. it will albright cool afternoon with more and more sunshine out there. after some early morning clouds an a couple of showers, high temperature about 74 teagdz. five bright days with sunshine and high temperatures pushing back into the upper 70s and low
6:20 am
80s by the end of the week and don't forget the humidity will be fall-lycra they are hand summer-like the next couple of days. let's get to on-time traffic. that means julie wright. >> all right, tuck are. busy ride right now if you are traveling out on the roads this morning. downtown for starters, stalled car tying up the center of the road. backup from bladensburg road. the problem was a stalled car at the occoquan. that has moved o but the right side of your screen definitely feeling the effects. we have delays out of dale city head northbound up towards route one. traffic slows briefly at the springfield incident are change. no accidents to report on 66. in maryland, the lane are open on the top stretch of the beltway between college park, colesville road and georgia avenue. no accidents to report. traveling along westbound 29, we have problems -- you should say westbound randolph road over at old columbia pike.
6:21 am
it is shut down due to an accident eastbound. you should find lanes open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. three fishermen now have made it to dry land with one wild survival story to tell. they spent eight days adrift in the gulf of mexico. their catamaran took on water and they survived eating one crack are a day and rationing bubble gum. for their first meal back on land, all of them wanted steak. the coast guard called off the search last friday. the men were found saturday night. we'll it would you what is happening in tennis this week. it might be good news for stocks. as we go to a break right now, bad newsfor credit cards. more customers will likely see their available credit cut ahead of new legislation that kicks in early next week.
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the reinvention of business begins with them. we don't know all the answers, we do know one thing for certain: we want to help. come see what the beginning loke at welcome back. what is happening in tennis this week is being closely watched by some big companies. first, we want to get this monday started with a lack at the markets. we go up to chris cotter with the fox business network for that. hi, chris. >> hi, gurvir. >> so the dow had an eight- session winning streak but it ended on friday so we are starting on a down note today. >> a significant down note.
6:26 am
issues overseas, particularly in china, where their stock market closed down almost 7% today sort of bleeding into our day today. so i expect us to start on the down note as well. our futures are down csiderably even though we've got about four hours before the opening bell. it will be a sleepily week. we've got next data to look at. we've got the car total sales for august that will be coming out as well on tuesday. the big one on friday, the nonfarms labor report that we get every month for the month of august. we'll all be kind of anticipating that coming out on friday morning. >> it will be interesting to see what happens on tuesday with the auto sales. your stock of the day is nike which is kind of appropriate since the u.s. open begins today. >> yeah, i cheese nike today because, as you mentioned, the
6:27 am
u.s. begins and nike is a big player in that mark. that a small percentage. companies like nike, adidas and ralph lauren polo, they are still interested in this event because it helps build brand awareness. nike has struggled recently. their orders for apparel moving forward have dipped about 12% over a six-month period through november. their profits were down significantly in their last quarter so they're really looking at this as a boost. other companies as well like adidas use it to say hey we're still in the marketplace, we are still viable and buy our product, please. >> we'll see how things go and we'll see you tomorrow. thank you, chris. thousands of visit iras came to arlington national cemetery over the weekend to pay their respects to ken are to ted kennedy. what request he made in a letter he wrote to pope benedict xvi shortly before his death. also, maryland's large of
6:28 am
the school district heads back to class today and sarah simmons has more on the two big issues facing the montgomery county schools this year. >> reporter: record enrollment numbers are expected for montgomery county schools but something they're not looking forward to this year, the h1n1 virus. are schools repaired in case of an outbreak. i'm sarah simmons. i'll have the lee tails in live report coming up when fox 5 morning news returns.    -- i'll have the details in a live report coming up when fox 5 morning news returns. stay with us. 
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there were certainly large crowds at arlington national cemetery over the weekend pay respects to the late senator ted kennedy would was buried saturday. the cemetery closed access yesterday at noon so the senator's wife being instructy, could have private time at his grave site. senator kennedy died last tuesday atthe age of 77 from brain cancer. >> i'm telling you, you know, we were talking earlier in the green room about how it is tough not to have a father and there is a real loss in not having that and he came through and he really reached out and embraced my family and onand caroline. >> i think driving from hyannis port to boston, it was so moving to see people stand ago long the freeway gathered on bridges, entire families being
6:32 am
many in tears, boys with their hands over their hearts saluting. it was a great piece of american history. >> senator kennedy's life was marked by personal scandal and political stances that put him at odds with his faith including his support of abortion rights. >> eight saps svice at arlington national cemetery, cardinal theodore mccarrick wrote a letter the senator wrote just before he died. >> he wrote i know i have been an imperfect being but with the help of my faith have tried to right my past. he asked for the pope appears prayers. the vatican replied saying the pope cordially imparts his appear stole you can wisdom as a source of wisdom and come and strength in the lord. let's check in with tucker barnes for our forecast for this monday which will feel a little different if you haven't been outside. >> once you open the door, it feels a lot coor across the area. temperature in the middle 60s. we ve acd hathe 80s an 90s for
6:33 am
what seems like forever. >> can we jud say tony is here usd he will be checking in with a ttlet later on. >> right in the dd lemif my forecast, you had to myesi y>>. >> i was going to say cko w yte t. nd o w ttereaheec fth asor vehaclo will st t we we have the clouds off to the south and east. you may see a light shower down towards cambridge. the sunshine will rain across the area later on this -- will reign across the area later on this afternoon. we will have a good-looking workweek here. today will be worst of it with the morning cloud cover. this afternoon, we should see plenty of sunshine with high temperatures, 74 degrees here in washington.
6:34 am
73 in annapolis and 72 in hagerstown. much cooler than the last several weeks. >> and where are we both it see tony? >> we'll have to wait and see. tony will be back momentarily. >> in the meantime, let's check in with julie wright. we know where she is. >> good morning. >> today will be especially busy with all the youngsters going back to school yom yes, indeed especially in montgomery county. this is a live shot from the chopper of westbound randolph road. it is blocked off as you travel between old columbia pike and fireland road. we were told this bus was involved in the crash. no passengers on the bus but this ian accident with injuries and there is an investigation that is ongoing. so the westbound side of randolph road between old columbia pike and fairland road remains blocked. bottom side, that is eastbound randolph road and there, all of the lanes are open. again being traveling out of rockville, you are good to go. it is westbound that remains closed off at this time. there is a delay forming as you
6:35 am
try to work your way westbound along randolph road. also in montgomery county, talking about the kids getting back to school. for the little ones making their way out to the bus stop, all summer long we enjoyed a nice easy commute here on 270 but not so much now. 270 on the top side busy approaching and passing 109. in virginia, eastbound 66 as you make your way east of 50 headed over towards 123, the lanes are open. this is actually the live shot of northbound i-95 in woodbridge. headed northbound from dale city headed out towards route one being we had a stalled car at the occoquan. that is out of the way. but we have delays as you continue northbound head up towards lorton. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the school buses are rolling, it is bells are going to ring soon and it is the first day of school some morgue
6:36 am
county. >> officials are bracing for record enrollment and officials are on the lookout for symptoms of the h1n1 virus. sarah similar -- simmons has those details. class is scheduled to get under way here at quince orchard high school in just a little less than an hour from now. officials say they are expecting 140,000 students in montgomery county. that is the number they are expecting. they say that is in arge part due to the economic cruise us that they're seeing these record-breaking numbers. they are telling us that a lot of parents, perhaps maybe a parent has lost a job or they're trying to cut back on how much cash they spend by putting their kids into public schools and taking them out of the private schools that maybe perhaps they had them in. the schools this year are definitely going to be packed. they say they can handle it.
6:37 am
the district held a freshman high school orientation. >> we expect somewhere between 1,002,000 kids who are entering our doors who were in private school last year. >> reporter: now, school officials say they will be ypes of symptoms. if a student appears to be ill. another thing they will be tracking is whether or nt the absentee trends seem to be going up. so they will be looking at that t will be the health department that are going to be in charge of whether or not they temporarily shut down a school due to the swine flu virus. of course, coming up here in
6:38 am
just an hour -- less than half an hour, we'll talk with dr. jerry weast, the montgomery county school superintendent, and ask him about these very big issues they have facing the district this year. back to you. >> thank you. in neighboring prince george's county after nearly a week sitting in the auditorium or temporary classes, students should get their permanent schedules today. staff worked throughout the weekend to try to fix the scheduling problem for about 100 students p he blamed it on a new computer program and human error. investigators will be returning to the home of the california couple they believe abducted jaycee lee dugard 18 years ago. >> she was reunited with her family last week but this story is just beginning. we have more in this report. >> reporter: nearly 20 police officers armed with masks and shovels began digging up the kidnapping crime scene being dubbed the house of horrors.
6:39 am
the scene now expanding to a neighboring house and yard. investigators searching for clues and gathering evidence after the home owner, philip garrido, and his wife were arrested. >> it is too early to say what we're looking for. anything that may be linked to some open cases that we have. at this point, we are going thoroughly will you through both backyards and it is too early to say what we might come up with. >> reporter: the respect sistered sex offender who was convicted of rape and kidnapping back in the '70s admitted to snatching up little jaycee dugard 18 years ago. she was 11 years old. investigators say he raped her repeat lid through the years evtually fathering two children with her all while holding her captive in sheds and tents in a compound in his backrd. it was just days ago when it all came to an end. jaycee, now 29 years old, an her two children, 1and 15 were rescued from this nearly
6:40 am
two decade long nightmare about 45 miles northeast of san francisco. forensic psychologist dr. keith ablow says there is still hope they can recover. >> to confront the horrors that she's buried in her mind, she will have to be encouraged to shed that and face terrors and that is a very complicated road. we can't predict great success for her in terms of really ad justing to normal life. >> reporter: aside from being a convicted rapist and kidnapper, police fear they may be dealing with a serial killer as well. they are looking into several cases, unsolved crimes of prostitutes in this area from the early '90s. police fearing garrido may be linked to the cold cases. >> there are still a lot of questions surrounding this case. after being held captive for so many years, what could have kept jaycee from trying to escape. coming up at 7:00, we are talking with a psychiatrist
6:41 am
would will join us in studio with some insight into that. coming up next, here on fox 5 morning news, more on the deadly wildfireout west. two firefighters died battling the blaze in los angeles county that is threatening thousands of homes this morning and another crucial site is in he path of those flames. hear at home, we are off to a crisp start today as we round out the last day of august and head into september and it is the first day of class in montgomery county. we are back right after this. ek is dan? he used to eat cereal every day. i heard he eats breakfast out now. dan! dan! dan! you can afford breakfast to go. buy any beverage and get a sausage biscuit for just 99¢. because it's breakfast, not brokefast. america saves on dunkin'.
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making headlines this morning, firefighters in los angeles county are doing all they can to keep a massive wildfire at bay. >> they are struggling with the loss of two of their own. before a report. >> reporter: what you are seeing is what one forest service commander calls a perfect storm of fuels, weather and topography coming together. wave heard that 12,000 homes
6:45 am
are threatened, several have been destroyed. now the wots has happened. two firefighters died with their vehicles rolled off a manhunt train side sunday afternoon. >> this accident is tragic. it is a very difficult time for los angeles county fire department. the men and women that serve day in and day out. >> reporter: flames from one of the majors north of los angeles are about to reach mount wilson. this is home to a historic observatory and transmit forces every major radio and television station in the area. 2800 firefighters are battling the claims. >> i used to live on the other side of town and had a fire come close. this they say the said is going to burn right to the wall of our house. >> reporter: many are obeying orders to get out of the their homes. >> get my kids out, get my babies out this of there and get whate can get without losing everything again like a year and a half ago.
6:46 am
it is just a nightmare. >> it hasn't been that close in a long time. all we can do is hope for the best. >> reporter: fire officials say some progress is being made. >> we feel fairly confident we'll be able to keep the fire out of these communities at this point. we have numerous crews in there and that is where we're beginning work with the dosessers as the fire has moved into a little bit more favorable ground. we're optimistic. >> reporter: two people would tried to ride out the fire storm in a backyard hot tub are badly burned. the cause of these fires still unknown. a rough situation out there. for us, it looks like summer may be coming to an end. >> i wouldn't go that far. it will be cooler. >> well, it is september. >> it is washington though. we always have a little late season surge in temperatures. >> the calendar says three more weeks of summer and i'm holding it to it. >> yeah, yeah. wewi lle oocr ler . ayod
6:47 am
less humid as well today. this is a good-look forecast. l. s ees k wiayweek is y erlalfi ke thy erfall like. that is why gurvir is on is ou bandwagon. check out how cool it is. it is cool out there some spots. 63 in baltimore. 60 in hagerstown. not a great-looking start to the day. we have a lot of cloud cover across the area. even some showers off to the south and east. it will be a d.c.ment -- a decent day. we will watch this area of low pressure, the cloudiness and light shower activy continue to push off the coast. cold front that came through the weekend is pushing off to the south and east. area of low pressure is developing in the carolinas. it will drag this out to sea. it won't be a terrible day. you can see we have clear skies t to the north an west. that will start to push in here. an improving forecast. we will see a couple showers particularly south and east st's city during the morning. it is possible even here in
6:48 am
town, you could see a light sprinkle or shower. by this afternoon, i think we'll be partly to mostly sunny. a nice looking forecast today. nothing yet butt hurricane center is fairly onvinced this wi be a tropical depression later today. if it becomes a tropical storm, it will be erica. it will be trafficking off to the west-northwest. it look like it will be parked somewhere near the leeward islands towards the end of the week. we'll have to watch it carefully as the peak of hurricane season is right around the corner. we'll see what happens with that. early cloud, afternoon sun. i mentioned the morning showers to you south and east of the city. check out that high. only 74 degrees. here a look at the five-day forecast which i don't think too many people will be complaining about. low hiew., afternoon high temperatures, upper 70s and low 80s. -- low humidity.
6:49 am
i think if anything, somebody is going to be complaining it is too cool during the income five days. not me, but maybe steve. >> not i. >> maybe julie wright. >> tony is back this morning. you will see him in just a minute but he is out of the studio filling in for our friend holly morris. >> is this the video? send in your questions for ask the weather guy. we've had some great questions. we'll get right back to them as soon as we can and just keep writing in. we love them. >> sounds like a plan. let's check in with julie wright to find out what is happening out on the roads. >> i'm not feeling 57. >> i know you're not. i knee somebody to complain. >> that's me. let's look at. this this is northbound 395 north of duke street headed up towards the 14th street bridge. traffic on 395 will slow north are duke headed up to seminary
6:50 am
road. all of the land are open. on 95, i was striveg slowing between dale city and lorton. the beltway running smoothly between annandale an merrifield. 66 backing up. the lane are open as you work your way in from nutley street trying to head over towards 495. no incidents to report along there. a slow go to merge onto 495 and head up towards tysons corner. randolph road has been reknopped each direction between old columbia pike and fairland road. southbound 270 slowing in separate stretches through hyattstown, germantown and headed towards the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. look like the president is going to stayn vacation a little bit longer. the obamas arrived back at the white house from their time way at martha's vineyard but they will spend the next few days at camp david o their last day on the island, the president accompanied hisghteand niece to a local generaller to
6:51 am
to pick up a snack. she was just 11 years old when she was abducted on her way to school. now, 18 years later she has been found alive and mother of two children fathered by nan accused of kidnapping her and keeping her in his backyard all these years. >> a look at the psychological aspect of the jaycee lee dugard case. why she may have never tried to escape and how her family can begin to build a so-called normal life now. coming up at 8:00, now is the time to stand out at work and for all the right reasons. we'll show you five ways to get it done. also on call, with swine flu fears sweeping across college campuses. colleges getting ready for outwreaks aftd world health organization warned the global spread could speed up in the next couple of months. with over 18 million students nationwide, campuses are among the most vulnerable places for hup outbreak. some schools are now setting up on-line classes. classrooms are being wired so the classroom could be brought to the student if they get
6:52 am
sick. the cdc recently added 19 to 24 engineereds to the first priority group. another reason to stop worrying as two you? studies show persistent worry over losing your job takes more of a toll on helth than actually losing your job. chronic job insecurity was a stronger predict over poor health hand esmoking or hypertension in one of the groups. coming up next hour. >> it dominates the d.c. skyline f you have never visited the national cathedral, now is a great time to do it. tony will show us something new going on at this gorgeous landmark. moms know kids need calcium...
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
but they also need vitamin d to help absorb calcium. with yoplait kids, trix yogurt and go-gurt, they get both. yoplait, the one for kids. go-gurt is specially made to freeze and thaw by lunch time? so kids can have their favorite yogurt in their lunch box go-gurt. freeze it. thaw it. eat it up.
6:56 am
good morning, everybody. welcome back to fox 5 morning news. i'm here at one of the most beautiful sites in washington, d.c., the washington national cathedral. we're looking at this up close and personal. it's a behind the scenes tour of the washington national cathedral. it's the second largest in the -- largest in the united states. you can get up close and
6:57 am
personal behind the scenes and we'll tell you all of the information on how to get into the tour and come out and how much it cost and all of that. and some of the things you see, you'll g rare views of the windows and you'll get to go into the overcroft. i know you would like me to go on the ledge, but we can't do it today. we'll tell you how to do it. if you're coming out today, dress warmly, it's a cool day. it's a cooler start to the day. i should have brought a jacket.
6:58 am
yeah, a little nippy and you stay grounded. and welcome back, by the way. >> thank you, much. okay, we'll see you in a little bit. two tickets matched the winning numbers for the megamillions. the winner in california hasn't come forward yet. e e ticket was purchased at a inch chine restaurant and the winner wins 1/2 a% of the winning jackpot. and the other was sold at a bronx new york store and the next winner is going to pick annual payments and this was the fourth largest in north america. and, it's not megamillions, but votes for the fox 5 baseball game of the week, we'll be live and bring you highlights on on friday.
6:59 am
we'll show you this now. more than 13,000 fans broke a world record. they came together and performed thriller. they got a little bit of practice. jackson impersonatorserer -- impersonators rearsed. coming up, it's back to school in montgomery county and a record enrollment number. students and parents are dealing with the swine flu. and also, dick chinany -- dick chain knee is

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